Monday, July 23, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger Nomination!

What a super cool surprise this morning I received in my email box! Kristy over at the Stamp Garage (also my friend, neighbor and SU upline) nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger!

I am glad that Heather over at {Witty Title Here} nominated Kristy as she rocks in so many cool ways! (Heather also rocks...if you haven't checked out her blog - run on over!)

I haven't posted for over nearly a week thanks to an illness and my work load. I am hoping to get SOME time in the craft tonight to get in the last of the Sketch This: Card contest **fingers crossed** but I am not feeling too optimistic that will happen :D

2 more sleeps before leaving for convention. The realization that I am NOT ready hit me this morning. A flurry of emails and calls later, check lists marked off, lists made, shuttle tickets purchased etc. etc., and now all that is left is to pack my bags...yipee!

Kristy and I travel to and hang out at convention together which is always a hoot. I am sure we will be transmitting from Denver, so check back for convention going ons real time! :-D

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Beth said...

I am so... glad you a feeling better. I kept stopping by and all I kept seeing was the post that you were under the weather. It's funny how you kind of start to worry about folks you have never! Hope you have a great time a convention. Wish I was going but it was just too hard to get away with little kids!