Thursday, July 5, 2007

Cassata Ice Cream

This my friends, is the world's best home made ice cream, without question, hands down, no doubt about get my point :D

I mentioned the other day, I was making the Cassata Ice Cream for our 4th of July celebrations but was unable to take a good photo of it yesterday so I had to crack open the small batch in the freezer I happened to save and take a photo of it and well, have another "small" taste also (laughing). It was as good as it tasted yesterday also :)

2 and half days of separate batch making, right there in my belly :-D YUM!


Sandi said...

Cassata Ice Cream looks yum! Will you share the recipe?

Tandra said...

Im new tho you r blog! I am loving browsing thru! I think I found it theu Patty Bennets blog. Is this a sharable recipe??? Oh my it looks so yummy!! What is in it???

Tandra said...

Well excuse my previous posts spelling!! Good grief!! almost midnite.... lol