Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lost in transit....

Hi all,
Thanks to everyone who sent me emails asking why I have been so quiet lately and if I am OK.

Work has fully consumed me over the last few weeks and I have little time in the evenings to craft. What time I have had has been spent doing life stuff....I'm sure you know how that goes :-D

I am in Boston this week (bbrrrr cold!!) and was in Los Angeles last week (nice and sunny!) on business travel. With Easter fast approaching, I wont be able to make time in my craft room until next week.

I will be back to posting again next week as life will return to normal for a while.

Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

February Inner Circle Card Swap

As you may know, I host a monthly card swap called the Inner Circle Monthly Card Swap. For February we had 5 members participate in the regular swap and 4 participated in the Monthly Challenge which was the Faux Tissue technique. These are our cards:






The Faux Tissue Technique Monthly Challenge:





If you would like to join us and can commit to a monthly swap between March and October, email me at

Crossing over into my 40's

It sure has been a busy week here! On Tuesday afternoon, my younger brother Chris who I haven't seen for 3 years paid me a surprise visit from Australia to help celebrate my 40th birthday. Needless to say, I thought my heart stopped when I saw him!!

This picture is of Chris and I, just before the birthday cake was lit to celebrate the passage into my 40's. (do I start crying now??LOL)

Chris is feeding me the left of freshly whipped cream that was used to decorate the cake

Oh boy...I don't know why I am smiling....I'm now 40!!!! lol How did that happen???!!! :-D

Sheri, Chris and I are goofing it up with the cake :-D I was being tickled by Sheri and Chris for this pic...hence the goofy look on my face...I was on the edge of bursting out laughing!!
I will be back to sharing my crafting journeys early next week after my brother has left to head back home. Every moment is preciously spent with him :-D