Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Making a mess in the kitchen

Today I am systematically turning my kitchen into a serious disaster zone while I make desserts for tomorrow's July 4th festivities :-D

I am making Cassata Ice Cream which is consists of three layers which of course means three different freezing times and ice cream making processes...whew! :-) The top layer is Almond, the middle layer is Chocolate and the bottom later is Vanilla with roasted flaked almonds and dried fruits.

Because it takes so long to make, I only make it every couple of years during the summer. I will be sure to take photo's of it tomorrow when it has been removed from the tin before its served up.

The other thing I will be making is a Trifle. Oh boy...can't wait to start on that! This is also a labor of love as I make everything from scratch. Yum yum :-D

I doubt any crafting will happen today but I am holding out hope that I will be able to sneak into my craft room later this evening as I have a project building in my head and I have to make more July 4th cards.

Happy Tuesday, im heading back down to clean up the mess from layer number two and get ready for layer number 3 :-D

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