Friday, July 27, 2007

Day 2...

Another day of convention over and another day of fabulous ideas and techniques!

Today's highlights, in no particular order;
  • Jaron's singing a Broadway song from Jekyll and Hyde - totally awesome
  • Seeing Brent do the hula in a coconut bra and a hula skirt, as they unveiled the 2009 Incentive Trip to Hawaii!
  • Great watercolor technique class with classic Ink Pads, Watercolor crayons and the incorporation of the pretties kit...oh boy...guess what class I am adding as soon as I get back home?? :-D
  • Great Workshop Wows

Today's technique class was Watercoloring using - Paint brushes, aqua painters and blending pens with classic inks, chalks and watercolor crayons on watercolor paper as well as the Pretties kit flowers (super cool!).


mum on the run said...

Wow, the convention sounds great!!

Love your cards, especially the colouring on the Christmas Tree card :)

Jules said...

Loving those cards, the convention sounds excellent :o)

Heather P. said...

Great samples! :)