Tuesday, August 7, 2007

21 ways to use Marvelous Markers

I have always loved my Marvelous Markers but after I found out there were 21 ways to use them, I love them even more now!!!

1. Coloring book:
Fill in your image as if you were coloring in a coloring book.

2. Coloring on Craft Ink:
This works best on cardstock. Stamp your image with your choice of craft ink pad - light colors work best on dark cardstock - in this case, White Craft on Purple cardstock. Heat set your craft ink and then color over your craft ink.

3. Altering B&W photos:
Direct to photo technique works best with light colored markers to give you that vintage & retro look.

4. Watercoloring:
Step one: Spread marker color onto plastic - top of the stamp set holder works great!

Step two: With your aqua painter filled with water, pick up the color/s you want and color away until your image is complete.

Final project: How faboo! :-D

Warning: This next technique will make you squirm and is not for the faint hearted but if you are game and you trust me, it works and no damage will occur to your marker..none what so ever!

This technique works fantastically well with the dynamic duo combos on your Stampin' Up! color wheel.

5. Shading:
Drop a dollop of ink of the darker color re-ink bottle onto your stamp set cover.

Take your lighter colored marker and with the tip, pick up some of the ink of the darker color. (don't panic). Then with the marker on an angle, run the length of the tip onto some paper.

When you are satisfied with the angle of the pen and the level of coverage, pick up more ink and begin shading your image but running the marker around the outline.

Finish project: ta-da!

To clean your marker, just write on paper until the dark in has run out (3 seconds).

6. Omitting:
We all know this one. With your marker just color the part of the image you want stamped and "omit" the rest.

7. Embossing:
OK this one may make you squirm a little also but again, don't panic, don't scoff...it works :) Stamp your image with versamark, then color with your marker directly onto the versamarked rubber and stamp it off onto your cardstock and emboss with clear embossing powder.

8. Direct to Rubber Shading:
Using three tones, light, medium and dark of the same color, use the direct to rubber technique and shade your image from lightest to darkest starting in the center.

Here is another Direct to Rubber Shading card

9. Water Misting:
This give you a faux watercolor look. Apply your marker colors directly to the rubber image. Spritz with water and stamp.

10. Color Spritzing for backgrounds:
Using the Spritzing tool, place your marker in the bracket and spritz randomly over cardstock. Switch out your markers to add multiple colors and dimension.

11. Color Spritzing on Background stamps:
Stamp your background stamp with a light base color. Using the above technique, spritz color onto the background stamp. When you have achieved the effect you want, stamp away!

12. Thumping:
This technique works best with detailed stamps. Stamp your stamp with a neutral tone as a base color (vanilla, grey, creamy caramel work well). Then hold your marker as a chopstick and "thump" or "tap" the marker against the rubber. Use multiple colors for depth.

13. Backgrounds:
To create cool backgrounds, cut the bottom and side of a sheet protector so it folds open. Choose your marker colors and swirl them on the page protector on one side of the page protector and spritz with water. Place a piece of glossy cardstock, glossy side against the swirls markers and close the page protectors. Run your fingers over the top smooch the
colors together until you have the effect you want. Whallah! :)

14. Direct to Ribbon: Color white grossgrain ribbon by directly coloring it with the marker of your choice

15. Dyeing Pretties flowers:
Use your markers to dye the flowers from the pretties kit. Use two colors to add depth.
16. Dyeing Pretties Pearls: Because the surface of the pearls are non-porous, sealing the ink is important. Color the pearl with your marker of choice, dip it into clear embossing powder and heat set. Wallah! This photo includes the Dyeing of the Pretties and the Pearl :)

17: Dyeing Hair! Yes you can temporarily dye your hair - great for Halloween and kids parties because the markers are non-toxic and water based so it easily washes out!

18: Markers with Classy Brass templates
Markers work great with the Classy Brass templates to add flare and depth to your designs!

So sweet!

and another sample

19. Direct to Wheels
This is fun. Ink your wheel as normal. Pick the elements on the wheel you want to pop with additional color. Remove the ink with a sponge dauber and then use your markers of choice to color in the popping elements.

20. Freehand doodles and journaling
How obvious but how often don't I do this! Why not use the fine points of your makers to journal and to freehand doodle?

21. Freehand flowers
Use the side of the markers to create hearts and flowers.


Anonymous said...

Wow Marie...this is awesome! Thank you for posting this. This will keep me entertained for many hours to come!


Patti said...

How awesome are you!?!?!? Thanks for posting this!! You rock! :)

Tammy Howell said...

Wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I have a question if you read this comment. Do you color through the brass templates? Or do you run the marker over the embossed areas?

Anonymous said...

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