Thursday, September 6, 2007

Halloween Garland - Step by step instructions

I have had many requests to post the step by step instructions on making the Halloween Garlands posted a few weeks back.

  • Cut a 12x12 piece of double sided designer series paper down to 6x12
  • Cut each 6x12 into 1 inch strips so you have 12x1inch strips
  • Using your 1/8 hole punch of your crop-a-dile, punch through all 12 pieces of paper at one time, once at each end. Make sure to center the holes.
  • Take a string of black gingham ribbon (i didn't measure it...probably about 8 inches) and tie a loop at one end.
  • Feed the ribbon through the 12 strips of paper from top to bottom.
  • Curve your paper to the size you want it by pushing the paper up the ribbon shaft to its desired size and tie a knot in the ribbon at that base of the ball.
    • Tip: Be sure not to cut off any ribbon at this point if you want to add tags to the base of them.
  • Fan the pieces of paper around until you get the look you want
  • Stamp your Halloween images on white paper - make double the amount of garland balls that you made.
  • Punch images out with 1-1/4" punch
  • Punch out 1-3/8" circles of black cardstock
  • Mount a stamped image on each side of the black punched out cardstock
    • Tip: Be sure to glue them both facing up in the same direction
  • Using the 1/8 punch on your crop-a-dile again, punch a hole at the top of each tag.
  • Tie the tags at whichever length you like at the base of each lantern.
  • Optional: Add some bead bling from your Pretties Kit
  • Trim your ribbon
I mounted mine on Silver Elastic thread by tying each lantern in place with a little knot so they don't move.

These would be so cool for Thanksgiving or make large ones using 12x12 1 inch strips!

Have fun with it!


Tandra said...

FABULOUS!! I just love these!!! Thanks for the 'toot'!!!

Heather P. said...

Great tutorial! :)