Sunday, September 9, 2007

Can me some love...

What a weekend it has been...

We had earmarked this weekend with our friends Nancy and Holly that we were going to can tomatoes all weekend. Sounded like a great plan because it was except I had failed to inform my body I was going to put it through its paces. It is 11PM on Sunday night and the feet and back are screaming blue murder, the neck and traps are so tight I doubt I can lift my arm over my head but I can't help but smile broadly when I look at the 15x1 quart jars of whole tomatoes, the 33x 1 pint jars and 5x1 quart jars of tomato sauce sitting on the kitchen counter waiting to be placed in the cupboard for their winter debut.

We ordered our tomatoes from Smith Family Farm in Brentwood. It was our first time there and I was pleasantly surprised to come across such a quaint family run fruit and vegetable stand. Here is a collage of photos of the farm stand.

We had each picked up around 40lbs of Red tomatoes and 45/50 pounds of mixed Heirloom tomatoes. We used the Red Tomatoes for the wholes because they were fresh and firm and the Heirloom tomatoes were used for saucing. Here are some photos capturing our 2 days process.

Now onto the next project! :-D

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michelle said...

Wow! What a diversity! I didn't see so many kinds of potatoes! I can them too, but in smaller amount :) Send you greetings from Poland! Have a nice day!