Monday, May 7, 2007

My embarrassing introduction to dominos

The fact I am not ashamed to embarrassing myself, must stand for something right??! :)

I have been eww-ing and ahh-ing over altered dominos for a while now but just haven't had the opportunity to try them. So again, the swap cards got put to the side (really..I am going to get them done!) and I decided to jump in, head first, and try my hand at it.
Well, these are my first attempts and yes, they are very lame but at least it's a starting point :-)
I just really wanted to see how all the different elements
come into play with each other and now I am all set to get serious about this!
I have grand visions of making necklaces as gifts. Well, one is allowed to dream for a little while right? :-)


Barb S. said...

Not sure if you might have sprayed the sealant to close and to heavy. Think I read that somewhere and this causes the colors to "bleed" so to speak. This looks like what happened to yours. Just a thought!

Marie said...

ahhhh....thanks for the tip Barb! I will try a less enthusiastic spray next time! teehee