Saturday, May 5, 2007

Card making with a 10 year old

A friend of mine is hosting a card making session for a 10 year old friend of hers next weekend which is going to be a lot of fun...nothing like late 30's and "40 something" women crafting with a 10 year old :-)

They looked through the Stampin' Up! catalogs together and the little one picked out the stamp sets she wanted to use as well as picking out the colors she wanted to play with.

I spent this morning working through all the stamp sets and making a couple of samples from each set for her to make. This was more challenging that I expected it to be as I had to modify and simplify the cards.

Her chosen Stamp Sets: Girlfriends, Simply Circles, Eat Cake and Ruff Day.

Here are the samples.

Gift cards:


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