Friday, February 22, 2008

I've been tagged!

Patty from Patty Stamps tagged me yesterday....what fun!

1. Stamping Style : Depends on my mood. A little bit of everything really. Sometimes quick and simple yet other times elaborate and detailed.

2. Inspiration: Oh boy...let's see, home decor and crafting mags for color schemes and layout inspirations, new techniques and great blogs.

3. Color: Browns, blues and pinks but for some reason I am gravitating towards orange! :)

4. Work Space: With the move to the new house, I have a combined home office and craft works great for me. Just need more shelves for crafting stuff :D

5. Perfect: Traveling, Being on vacation. Cooking and spending time with friends.

6. First Job: Growing up on a farm, you always had jobs. My first job job was at 8 years old driving the tractor with a trailer hooked to the back of it, driving up and down the grapevine rows so the cart guys could pick up the crates of picked grapes for delivery to the packing shed where the grapes were chilled and packed ready for the local markets. That was my after school and summer vacation job for about 5 years.

There is a funny story on when I was being taught how to drive a tractor that I will save for another time :)

My first paying job as an young adult was a Customs Agent Shipping Clerk.

7. Wildest Dream: Owning a fabulous house on 5 acres of land and having it self sustaining - growing our own organic vegetables, having truly organic free range chickens and of course wonderfully fresh eggs as well as raising our own animals. Of course, it has to come with a detached studio that I could craft my little heart away in :)

8. Ink: Stampin' Up! inks of course...both classic and craft inks. They rock :D

9. Family: They all live in Australia. Miss them dearly. Mum and Dad, 1 sister and 2 brothers, 5 nephews and 2 nieces. Of course, I also have Sheri's family who live in Vermont. Mum (hey Judy!) and dad (Hi Ron!), 1 bro - big shout out to ya Shaney!

10. Biggest Challenge: Making time to have fun. Between work and crafting, what time is left??? :-D

I'm tagging:

Kristy at Stamp Garage

Nancy at Paper Smiles


nancy morgan said...

Hey, thanks for the tag! What a treat to see all the wonderful creations on your! Super-duper fun place to visit!! I've been intrigued the "She's all that" stamp set and the cards you've done are fantastic...if I end up buying that set, it's going to be all your fault = )

kdj said...

Oooh! Thanks for tagging me. Love the recent cards - great color combos - ooh really need to find more creative time :-D