Sunday, January 6, 2008

A culinary experience like no other....

I am in Las Vegas for two reasons. 1) for work, I am here all week heading home Friday and 2) we are celebrating the birthday of a friend this weekend.

We had dinner last night at David Burke's and it was hands down, no doubt about it, THE best meal I have had in a very long time. A true culinary experience...and what an experience it was. The service was excellent, the food was delicious from the first to the last bite, great decor and ambiance, and of course, great company.

We started with a treat from the chef...a raw shrimp served on a Chinese spoon marinated in some magic juices and spices. Fabulous!

The bread was a freshly baked, individual brioche bun which was served with room temperature butter sprinkled with Red Sea Salt. The combination of the salt and the Brioche was spectacular. I have always been a bread and butter girl and this absolutely, bar non, is the best bread and butter EVER! :-D

Our meals were deeeeeeeliiiiiicious. I had the Bronx Style Fillet Mignon of Veal. Dessert was fabulous - mini ice cream cones with homemade ice cream and gelato and cheesecake lollipops. Very fun.

If you are ever in Vegas, this place is one you HAVE to try...spectacular!

And of course, since you are at the Venetian, another must stop is Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery for the worlds best mocha's, coffees and baked goods...I'm making myself hungry again so it's time to go to bed :-D

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Elaine said...

OMG - that sounds like MY kinda place to eat!! Scrumptious!!! Enjoy your time there and hope you have more great eating experiences at those restaurants! Let us know what else you visit and try!