Friday, April 11, 2008

Modern simplistic and personally inspiring...

As I was cleaning up my craft room, I came across this card I had put to the side. At the time, I was deliberately trying to not use stamps or ink and just focus on the adhesives in one of Stampin' Up! Scrappin' Kits to make 4x4 cards. The funny thing is, I liked it just this way when I was making it and couldn't bring myself to "finish" it and still love the simplicity of this card now, so it's now official "finished" and in my completed stack.

I don't know about you but as a card maker, I go through many different styles and trends...some are highly embellished, some are monochromatic, some are distressed or antiqued and some are just plainly...well, plain :D

During my spring cleaning, I came across some artificial flowers I had laying around, looked at the colors, looked at the card above and had an "aha" moment....I said to myself, "self...this is your challenge for today...Make a 3D card with these flowers inspired by the card I just found" and well, here it is. Again, simple in design but it packs alot of visual effect because of the flowers. The tone on tone effect with the cardstock and ribbon I find delightful. Of course now the hunt is on to find an envelope I could use for it....but then again...maybe not :D


Anonymous said...

I love this card! A card and a bunch of flowers in one! Awesome!

~ Karen

Elaine said...

The flowers are perfect! It definitely reminds me of spring with the flowers!