Thursday, December 27, 2007

New home bound...

Who can believe the holidays have flown by and that we are now sitting in our brand new house checking emails while the movers unpack the trucks....certainly not me.

Reflecting, we have had a very hectic December. As you know I was in New York for a few days for work.

I arrived home on December 12 and worked in the office all day on the 13th. Friday 14th, I jumped in my car and hightailed it to Lincoln to do the final inspection of our new home. Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th were spent closing on the house and receiving the house keys, while Sheri sat her final exams for her Masters degree.

Sheri drove up on Tuesday and we ended up spending the next 4 and a half days painting the house. We headed back to Los Gatos in time for Christmas which was spent amongst packed boxes. After opening our presents and having Christmas breakfast, we finished packing up the house to be ready for the movers who turned up at 8:00AM on the 26th....I'm tired just retelling the story!

Last night we drove up to Lincoln arriving at 10:30pm.

Which brings us to today....the internet, cable and phone has been installed, the alarm folks are turning up momentarily and the guys are busy unpacking the trucks. This is our time of rest until they are done which is when the fun of unpacking begins....

Roll on the new year....we will be ready for a vacation VERY soon!!

Hoping you all had a fabulous Christmas/Hanukkah/Holiday and wishing you a safe ringing in of the New Year.

Now the see how fast I can set up my office and craft room and get crafting again!!!! :-D

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