Thursday, June 28, 2007

Scalloped Borders

I made this card for a Sketch This challenge. The scalloped edge is quick and easy to make if you have a slit punch. How you ask? Well, I just happened to photograph the process, so here it is... (smiling)

I started off with my slit punch and the piece of scrap paper I wanted to use for the scalloped border.

Make sure to push the punch all the way flush with the papers edge to ensure you punch a straight edge. Line the punch corner on the very edge of the paper and punch.

Make sure to line the left corner of the punch to the right corner of the already punched scalloped edge (I hope that makes sense!), and punch along your card stock until you are done.

I like to twirl the top loose piece of paper around my fingers while I am punching as it allows me to gauge the punch more accurately.

Ta-da! And here you have it...a scalloped edge.
Trim it to size and off you go.

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