Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ohhhh.....moped heaven

We have been half joking around these past few weeks that we need to purchase Vespa's and be the cool girls about town riding around on them. Is there a cuter way to get around town, go to the Farmer's Market, our favorite coffee shop and local restaurant's but on a Vespa??? No, we didn't think so either!

While out and about today with some dear friends of ours, we saw this totally adorable moped that we all feel in love with. It's the Honda about love at first sight! I can definitely see these in our VERY near future! Apparently because it is a 49 cc(no idea what cc stands for) we don't need a motorcycle license because the threshold is 50cc (yay!). Dealership here we come! :-)

I haven't crafted at all this weekend as we have just been having way too much fun in the sun. We did go to see Ocean 13 tonight after dinner at our local Italian restaurant. I loved it. Those crazy boys get up to all sorts of mischief. We also saw Waitress last Wednesday. Now that is a CUTE movie! Definitely worth going see it. If you have seen the movie, a cute interactive game on the movie website allows you to name your own pies Try it, its a lot of fun plus you can vote for your favorite :-D

The start to a new week is upon us. My day job beckons, I need complete swaps and post new cards, work out, find new running shoes, shop for a wedding present, buy an outfit (for the wedding), get time in with our friends, plan our summer vacations, finish a house project, house chores etc ...yep, just a normal week ahead :-)

I hope you all had a fab weekend!

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