Friday, November 16, 2007

28 days

28 days and counting until we close on the house!

By popular demand, here are a couple of photos of the new digs that I took on November 3. We haven't been to see the house since and we won't be until we close on it next month.

This is historically my busiest season at work which means I have limited time at home before we close. I am traveling for work 12 out of the 28 days which means I only have 16 days to pack the house up! (faint). That sounds like a lot but take out the work days and that leaves me with very few hours to get it all done!

Needless to say, by the end of this weekend, the majority of our current digs will be packed up with only the bare necessities out. Now that is a tall ask but when I am on a mission look out! I am like a don't want to get in my way LOL

My stamping time has been reduced to near nothing...whaaaaah. I did get a chance to get in there this evening as I needed to prep for a workshop tomorrow, which should be a lot of fun :-)

I hate to admit to the fact, that may very well be the last time I get in there before the move. I am suffering withdrawal already, I can't imagine what I will be like by the time we move!

I hope you like the new abode :)


Vivian Swain said...

I love it and it looks like a very nice house. I just moved too and am building a custom home. I hate packing up to move and he worse thing is I will have to do it again in June as we are in a rental. Check out my blog for pictures.

Good luck with the move,

Vivian Swain

Anonymous said...

Beautiful house...but this better not be the end of your stamping in November...AND December!! I'll keep checking back in hopes... :D

Anonymous said...

What a lovely house Marie! Congratulations! It's sooo you! :-D


Robyn said...

I love the house. I will have to post one of our new house. We close in 1 week. Thanks for the comment on my page. It really made my day. I will be visiting your blog more often.